Case Study:

Special attention to the right target audience


  • 1. Question

    A hotel in Wales asked us if we could generate direct sales from social media for them.

  • 2. Approach

    To generate traffic to the website of hotels, findability in the search engine and SEA campaigns are very important. When someone is in an orienting phase for booking a hotel room, they will end up on different websites via the search engine and SEA campaigns. A large amount of these visitors who visited the website of the hotel in Wales will eventually not make a booking and may forget them if they still decide to book a room. Still we triggered a large amount of these website visitors to book a room with our client by re-targeting them in a Facebook and Instagram campaign. By using the Facebook pixel we could even register the number of bookings and the value of them.

  • 3. Results

    By using retargeting campaigns, we have been able to achieve good results:


    • Generate more traffic to the website;
    • Increase the number of bookings;
    • Increase turnover from hotel room bookings.

  • € 5,491

    Total revenue campaign

  • € 149

    Campaign budget

  • 28

    Reservations after seeing advertisement

  • 11

    Sell after clicking on ad

Trusted by companies of all sizes

Trusted by companies of all sizes

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