Case Study:

Increase the number of quotation requests


  • 1. Question

    A kitchen specialist in Belgium asked us how to use social media to increase the number of quotation requests (for visitors who are interested in a dream kitchen) on their website. We used Facebook effectively to increase the number of quotation requests.

  • 2. Approach

    We placed photos and videos of dream kitchens on their Facebook page, for the followers and target audience (via ads) to see. This also contributed to the reliability and the personal experience that is central for this kitchen specialist. Customers liked to see their dream kitchen on Facebook. We also promoted these posts in the region where the kitchens were placed.
    We have deployed a broad campaign so that their target audience could get to know the kitchen specialist. From that campaign the target audience was sent to the website, where they could view various dream kitchens. Eventually we showed an advertisement to persuade their target audience to request a quote.

  • 3. Results

    With a budget of € 330 in one month, the campaigns contributed to 136 quotation requests. We have reached 25,905 unique people and 2,137 people have clicked on the website.

  • € 330

    Advertising budget

  • 136


  • 25,905

    Unique people reached

  • 2,137

    Website clicks

Trusted by companies of all sizes

Trusted by companies of all sizes

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