Case Study:

Offline effect of an online campaign


  • 1. Question

    A luxury car dealer in the United States found it very difficult to measure the offline effect of their campaigns because they often didn’t know through which channel the customer ended up with them.


    Facebook and Instagram now have the ability to measure the offline conversions through the data of a CRM system. By matching this data, Facebook can see exactly what the results of the campaigns are.

  • 2. Approach

    The luxury car dealer has commissioned us to promote three showroom events via Facebook and Instagram. We achieved a good result because we have shown the campaigns to the right people in previously strategically structured and unique targeted audience.

  • 3. Results

    With a budget of $ 200,00 the campaigns have contributed to 8 cars sold in the showroom, 4 online quotation requests and 3 telephone sales calls. Which came down to an average of $ 15 per conversion.

  • $ 200

    Campaign budget

  • 8

    Cars sold in the showroom

  • 4

    Online quotation requests

  • 3

    Telephone sales calls

  • $ 15

    Average per conversion

Trusted by companies of all sizes

Trusted by companies of all sizes

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