Case Study:

Get more people at a mall


  • 1. Question

    A mall in the Germay came to us with the question whether we could set up an action to get more people in the mall and at the same time increase the number of likes on the Facebook page. There was also the question whether it was also possible to build a database of e-mail addresses that could be used for e-mail marketing campaigns.

  • 2. Approach

    In order to get as many people as possible to the mall, an action has been set up in which people were given a coupon when they were spending € 5 at a shop, with which they could win nice prizes, such as a city trip. With the coupon campaign we had a trigger to actually get people to the shops physically. By using a unique code on each coupon we could link these offline visits to online results. We have created a Facebook application and landing page where you can enter this unique code.


    On this landing page people could enter the unique codes of the coupon and they had to enter their e-mail address. In this way, e-mail addresses of all participants were generated with the promotion. Of course these e-mail addresses later could be used for e-mail marketing campaigns. On both the landing page and in the Facebook application, the participants were triggered to like the Facebook page of the mall to see if they had won. The date of the presentation and the winner were announced via the Facebook page. This ultimately led to a considerable increase in the number of page-likes for the mall in Germany.


    Ad campaign
    To announce the coupon action to the target audience, targeted Facebook advertising campaigns were used. Advertisements were shown in the region of the mall and of course the people who already liked the Facebook page of the mall. To increase the engagement we decided to promote the content in the advertising campaign.

  • 3. Results

    The action ultimately resulted in a great results where we:


    • could increase the number of likes of the Facebook page considerably;
    • have been able to collect many e-mail addresses that could be used for e-mail marking;
    • could generate many daily extra website visitors for the mall;
    • have been able to create huge brand awareness.

  • 5,389

    New likes on Facebook

  • 22,983

    Unique e-mail addresses collected

  • 750

    Average extra website visitors per day

  • 179,462

    Unique codes entered

  • 1.1 mln

    Views on Facebook during promotional period

Trusted by companies of all sizes

Trusted by companies of all sizes

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