Case Study:

Get more sales via social media


  • 1. Question

    A skincare company in the Netherlands asked us if we could get more sales out of their products via social media.

  • 2. Approach

    To guide every post, reply, like, and comment to driving towards the business goals of the skincare company, we took care of the design,  contentmanagement and -calendar. Part of the strategy was increasing brand awareness, the number of likes and followers of this skincare company by different social media campaigns. This was a great way to get the target audience to hear from the skincare company the first time. By bringing everything that has to do with the products of the skincare company to their target audience more often and in a structured way, they builded more trust with their target audience. Next, we also used conversion campaigns to stimulate the target audience to make a purchase in the skincare company webshop. If they visited the webshop but didn’t purchase, they would be retarget by the Facebook and Instagram campaign to encourage them to still make a purchase.

  • 3. Results

    • Increase brand awareness;
    • Built-up Facebook community of more than 8,000 likes;
    • Substantial increase in the number of website visitors from social media;
    • Monthly direct sales from social media.

  • 9,512,846

    Unique people reached

  • 8,000+

    New likes on Facebook

  • 53,148

    Website clicks

  • 573

    Direct sales from social media

Trusted by companies of all sizes

Trusted by companies of all sizes

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