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 Generate As Many Leads As Possible 

It is already impossible to don't see social media as a marketing tool. 

In fact, it is increasingly being used as a revenue model.

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1. Question

A spa & jacuzzi specialist in the United States came to us with the question how we could use social media to generate as many leads as possible for them.

2. Approach

In order to generate as many leads as possible, we opted for a broad approach to advertise campaigns and content. To generate leads, people will first have to go through a number of phases before they decide to make an application. So first it was important to generate brand awareness and build a community. We did this by:

  • Publish content 3 times per week (possibly promoted)

  • Targeted ad campaigns to increase the number of likes;

  • Targeted ad campaigns to generate traffic to their website.

Because the spa & jacuzzi specialist starts from around $ 3,000, it has been decided to focus the campaigns on highly educated two-income households aged 35-55 and on interesting companies such as luxury homes, properties and hotels.



Because the spa & jacuzzi specialist products belong to the higher segment, it’s important to preserve this image when publishing content. For this we decided to show as many beautiful projects as possible. Published content was also regularly promoted within the target audience. For example, we did this by promoting a specific project within the neighborhood where the project has recently been delivered. Often local residents (or hotel visitors) belong to the same income class and are therefore interesting as a target audience for the spa & jacuzzi specialist. Besides, big chance that local residents will recognize the project and get a good impression of the possibilities.


Generate leads

To ultimately generate leads for the spa & jacuzzi specialist, we mainly used website conversion campaigns. These ads aimed to generate traffic to the website and were optimized to generate conversions. On the website of the spa & jacuzzi specialist we used a contact form. By using the Facebook pixel we could measure exactly how many people eventually fill in a contact form after seeing or clicking on a Facebook advertisement from the spa & jacuzzi specialist. The website conversions were used in 3 different ways:

  • Focused on the target audience of highly educated two-income households between 35-55 and owners of luxury homes, properties and hotels;

  • Focused on a look-a-like audience of the likes of the spa & jacuzzi specialist;

  • A campaign aimed at the website visitor through retargeting.

Because the spa & jacuzzi specialist also uses SEO and SEA to generate more traffic to their website, retargeting advertisements delivered even better results. After all, the results of retargeting advertisements depends to a large extent on the number of website visitors.

3. Results

The project we did for the spa & jacuzzi specialist lead to great results:

  • A significant increase in the number of Facebook fans;

  • Monthly many leads from targeted advertising campaigns;

  • Increase in the range of published content.

Results We Get!

$ 330

Advertising Budget




Unique people reached


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