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 Target The Right Audience Worldwide

It is already impossible to don't see social media as a marketing tool. 

In fact, it is increasingly being used as a revenue model.

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1. Question

A yachting group in Italy represents the world's leading companies in the super yacht industry. The company aimed to promote export for their members. The company came to us with the question whether we could set up targeted Facebook and Instagram campaigns to promote the yachting group worldwide at the right target audience.

2. Approach

We use various campaigns every month to get the attention of the right target audiences in the construction of superyachts. Think of superyacht owners (or their representatives), superyacht captains and crew members, superyacht brokers and naval architects. The target audience here is very restricted so we used a advertising funnel. We started with an broadly Instagram Story campaign to reach as many people as possible who are interested in the superyacht construction. This approach lead to a substantial awareness on a new Instagram account with a limited budget. Next, we started working with this target audience in new advertising campaigns.


For example, we targeted a new advertising campaign to anyone who has seen the Instagram Story for 95%. Next, we filtered this target audience based on all kinds of characteristics of this target audience, leaving us with a select group of audience. This way we could use a new targeted campaign on people within this target audience who have also viewed the Instagram Story. Next, we posted a targeted campaign on Instagram, where we encouraged the viewers of the Instagram Story advertisement to follow the Instagram page of the yachting group.

3. Results

Super effective brand awareness through Instagram Stories ads lead to:

  • Huge reach for a limited budget;

  • Low costs per 1,000 reached people;

  • Increase in the number of Instagram followers.

Results We Get!


Unique people reached

$ 0.23

Cost per 1,000 reached people


Video views of 95%

Trusted by companies of all sizes

Gemeente Utrecht
Tourist Tram The Hague
RBS - The Royal Bank of Scotland
Centraal Bureau voor de statistiek
Jacobus Toet


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