SMG Class - Social Marketing

Follow SMG Class - Social Marketing and develop fundamental social marketing skills to grow followers, engagement and business results.

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What does this Social Marketing class offer you ?:

  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing;
    • Marketing Your Business;
    • Introduction to Social Networks;
      • Facebook;
      • Twitter;
      • LinkedIn;
      • Instagram;
      • YouTube;
      • Pinterest;
      • Snapchat.
  • Optimizing Your Social Media Profiles;
    • Best Practices for Optimizing Social Media Profiles;
    • Optimizing Your Twitter Business Profile;
    • Optimizing Your Facebook Pages Profile;
    • Optimizing Your LinkedIn Company Page;
    • Optimizing Your Instagram Profile;
    • Optimizing Your YouTube Profile Settings;
    • How Hootsuite Helps.
  • Social Media Strategy - from A to Z;
    • Introduction;
    • Before You Start: What is a Social Media Strategy?
    • Setting Strategic Goals;
    • Choosing the Right Social Media Strategy;
    • Administrative Considerations;
    • Evaluating Your Success;
    • How Hootsuite Helps with Social Media Strategy.
  • Growing Your Advocate Community;
    • Introduction;
    • Community Building Fundamentals;
    • Engaging, Growing and Leveraging Your Social Media Audience;
    • Best Practices for Growing Community Across Social Media Channels;
    • Measuring the ROI or Your Community Building Efforts;
    • How Hootsuite Helps with Community Building.
  • Content Marketing Fundamentals;
    • Introduction;
    • Creating a Content Strategy for Social Media;
    • Content Curation and Creation for Social Media;
    • Best Practices for Sharing Across Networks;
    • Best Practices for Sharing Video Content;
    • Measuring the ROI or your Content Program;
    • How Hootsuite Helps with Creating and Sharing Content.
  • Social Advertising Fundamentals;
    • Introduction;
    • Using Social Ads Effectively;
    • Best Practices for Using Facebook Ads;
    • Best Practices for Using Twitter Ads;
    • Best Practices for Using LinkedIn Ads;
    • Best Practices for Using Instagram Ads;
    • Measuring the ROI or Your Social Ads.

SMG Class - Social Marketing

Register, Pay and get direct * access to SMG Class - Social Marketing for only € 199,00 (excl 21% VAT which only applies to the Netherlands).

What will you learn attanding SMG Class - Social Marketing:

By watching video tutorials and reading pages (total of 134 combined) you will develop fundamental social marketing skills to drive real business results.


The course is divided into 6 parts:


  1. Introduction to Social Media Marketing (Course Level: Beginner)
    The Introduction to Social Media Marketing course will teach you how businesses and professionals can leverage multiple social networks and their millions of users. You will discover who is using social media and which networks appeal to which demographics. You'll get a basic overview of the importance of social media to market your business and how you can help you drive business goals. This course will provide a historical overview of the most popular social networks that can be used to leverage these networks to engage with their prospective and current customers.
  2. Optimizing Your Social Media Profiles (Course Level: Beginner)
    Whether you've already established a social media presence for your business or you're just getting ready to create your first Facebook profile and profile profile focus on before you hit "Publish." Each lesson will focus on one social network and dive into the details of the strength of their unique features so you can confidently put together a powerful Twitter profile, Facebook page, Instagram profile and LinkedIn Company page . Learn the network specific features, tips and tricks for a professional and engaging social media presence as well as the best practices you should always keep in mind so you can set your company up for long-term success.
  3. Social Media Strategy - from A to Z (Course Level: Intermediate)
    The adoption of social media by organizations is the best way to incorporate it into their business. For some companies, this has resulted in a disconnect between their social brand and their overarching brand and in some cases, a huge investment of time and resources with very few tangible results. To minimize wasted effort, time and data, it's essential to spend the time to develop a comprehensive and unified social media strategy that complements your existing marketing and organizational goals and objectives.

    This course teaches students about setting Social Goals, Objectives, KPIs, and Tactics, laying out timing and key dates, budgeting, defining fire persona and voice for social channels, incorporating content marketing into social context, social media governance and crisis management, and measuring ROI.
  4. Growing Your Advocate Community (Course Level: Intermediate)
    A strong community or engaged customers, interested prospects and excited fire and employee advocates can go a long way in growing the success of your organization. But how do you build an advocate community? In this five-part course, you'll learn how to grow and respond to each other's interest, different social networks from a community-building perspective.
  5. Content Marketing Fundamentals (Course Level: Intermediate)
    Sharing content that is informative, entertaining and timely is a key element of a successful social media strategy. It is also one of the biggest points for many organizations - how can social media managers create and curate great content to keep followers engaged? This course is for those looking for guidance on using content (eg, blog posts, e-books, white papers, photos) as a social media marketing tool. The course will be suitable for those with an understanding of more fundamental topics like social media strategy and growing an audience.
  6. Social Advertising Fundamentals (Course Level: Intermediate)
    Social media advertising is a quickly growing industry. Integrating social media ads into your social media marketing plan can help you boost the reach of your content, grow your online community and capture the interest of prospective customers.

    This course is for those looking to take their social media marketing game to the next level with paid social media advertisements. Ideally, students of this course will have experience with, or at least a basic understanding of, social media strategy, content marketing, and community/audience building. Paid social media advertisements work best when amplifying social media marketing activities that are already experiencing some success.

SMG Class - Social Marketing

Register, Pay and get direct* access to SMG Class - Social Marketing for only € 199,00 (excl 21% VAT which only applies to the Netherlands).

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