Grow Your Counselling Business With This Automated Booking Sales Funnel

Built With KARTRA

  • Full One Page Funnel Template

  • Easily sell your online counselling

  • Take bookings online 24/7/365

  • Perfect for classes over Zoom

  • Easy to edit and transform to your brand

The Fastest Way to Launch Your Online Counselling Business

Save hours and hours with this complete Kartra Campaign ready to import straight into the right place in your Account















Fill Your Calendar With Paying Patients

Today's fast-paced society means that people are always in a hurry.


Luckily, there is an easy way to start your own online counselling business without any hassle!


All you need do is use this one-page website template which will work perfectly for counsellors working on the internet.

All it takes is about two hours of your time to get everything up and running. No more manually taking payments or checking bank transfers.

This powerful sales Funnel lets clients choose from different services they want, as well pay right then with credit card or PayPal.


The site looks great on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone and it even comes with a full helpdesk system.


Just add a link to your new sales Funnel, your social media channels and email signatures and watch the bookings come in for your next class.

The campaign has been built in Kartra and can be imported into your account in minutes after purchasing.

The path your target audience takes to purchase from your business.

Checkout the sales process below, which is an automated campaign with a series of steps designed to guide your target audience toward a buying decision.

Grow Your Online Business
With Online Marketing Funnels

Save hours of your precious time and just use our Ready-Made Funnels to effectively market your services online

Kartra -  Therapist Funnel

Sell Your Digital Products & Services

Using Kartra All In One Marketing Software and our pre-built Websites & Sales Funnels you can be selling in hours not weeks.


    All pages look great on Tablets and Smart Phones for maximum conversions.


    Everything is laid out for you, just add your logo and edit the text to be up and running fast.


    When you purchase one of our sales funnels you also get our support and access to a dedicated training area.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

All our Sales Funnels and Website templates are regularly updated and fully guaranteed for your peace of mind

  • Proven online sales process

  • High converting designs

  • Easy to edit

  • Free lifetime updates

  • Step by Step training

  • Guaranteed support

Let's Get Your Funnel Up and Running

Purchase your Funnel and edit it yourself by using our training videos and support or have our team add all your own content including Page & Email Copy, Logo, Images and Colour Scheme.



  • Edit Yourself

    Edit your own Funnel to look you want in terms of colours, fonts, logos and copy using Kartra's drag and drop editor.

  • Full Video Training

    Watch our step by step training so you know exactly how to launch your Funnel in hours not weeks.

  • Use Multiple Times

    Use the Funnel for as many projects as you want within your own Kartra account.

  • Ongoing Support

    Extra help is on hand to support you whenever you need it so you don't hit any roadblocks.

Your Investment TODAY:

$997 $747


3 Monthly Installments Of $265 Each

Secure SSL Encryption & Guaranteed Safe Checkout



Hundreds of businesses already enjoying our online marketing partnership

I have bought all of Social Media Gids funnels. It makes my time incredibly fast to get things out the door. It reduces the amount of effort and attention I have to place on trying to build things from scratch. Besides it lets me really effectively communicate with my audience when I'm coming up with offers of all kinds. Social Media Gids is providing me videos about how to install and use the funnels which are built within Kartra. They are incredibly effective, easy to use and they are going to save you a ton of time. In my opinion the Social Media Gids funnels are the best out there.

Gavin James


I have been around internet marketing for about 10 years and I have been involved with Clickfunnels previously. When I came across Kartra and specifically the Social Media Gids funnels, I was blown away. I mean the design. I just knew that my conversion rates would go up, so I jumped all in and bought all the funnels available. The funnels performed extremely well and I have made over $ 30,000 in the first month offering the Course/Membership Funnel. So if you are on the sense about buying his funnels I highly recommend getting them. You are going to save time and make more money and that's what it's all about.

Dean Lawrence


When I bought Social Media Gids funnels it absolutely changed the way that I am doing my business. The first one that I invested in was the Webinar Course Selling Funnel. The video instructions are easy. I hired a Virtual Assistant with no Kartra experience and she implements my trainings every single week by following the step by step process showed by Social Media Gids. Next project is a Virtual Summit. I think it's going to be incredible!


Gerry Rice


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions we get about the Therapist Funnel answered for you, but if you have a different question, just click on the help icon to get in touch.

Do I have to have Kartra in order to use this Funnel?

Once I've bought the Therapist Funnel what happens?

Can I add your other funnels to this Funnel?  

Can I use the funnel more than once?

What do I need to do to get it all working?  

Do you provide any support to implement the Funnel?

Are there any tutorial videos on how to use this funnel up and get it up and running?

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